The Beach

The purity and good “health” of the water.

In the winter months, our beach is covered with the leaves of the posidonia oceanica, a native plant of the Mediterranean sea, whose presence testifies to the purity and good health of the water.

We pay particularly close attention to removal of the leaves (commonly and erroneously called “algae”) from our beach, but are careful to avoid removing sand, and causing erosion of the coastline.

The heaps of removed posidonia oceanica from our beach emit sometimes emits unpleasant smells due to their decomposition; in fact, once the “algae” die, they are decomposed by microbes that use the oxygen to eliminate them. Their smell is therefore an entirely natural phenomenon, completely unrelated to sewage and/or pollutants.

The Posidonia Oceanica deposits along the coast of the Punta Negra region and, on the whole coast of Alghero, are an indicator of a perfectly balanced marine habitat.