What makes a great holiday? The sea definitely … And we have this!

You can request various types of excursions during your holiday in Alghero.

Boat excursions
The activities offered are diverse, from simple motorboat or sailing trips to the coast of Alghero, to the discovery of the Porto Conte Park with its dream creeks and dreams. Among the various possibilities, the trip with the old sailing yacht Andrea Jensen is certainly the most impressive: an entire day of sea in the company of a friendly crew always at your disposal and with the possibility to encounter during the navigation of dolphins and tuna flocks. Do not forget the charter nautical specializes in chartering sailing boats with or without skipper, among others, hiking in the Asinara Park and romantic sailing under the stars of Alghero Bay. In the hotel there is also the possibility of renting inflatables with or without a driver.

Bike tours
It is possible to rent bicycles to make simple walks in the city or to walk along the trails immersed in the surrounding pine woods as you thrust into the nearest beaches. For the more enthusiasts, the Mountain Bike Porto Conte Excursions organizes the routes led by instructors of the Italian Mountain Bike School with its rental of
Necessary equipment.

Horse riding excursions
Possibility to hike to the sea, lake and countryside just a few kilometers from the Hotel where one of the most active equestrian centers for the discipline of Equiturismo, the “Three Star Sa Mandra” located near the beach of Porto Ferro , A favorite destination for horseback riding, where you will arrive after the enchanting trails between the dense Mediterranean bush … For information on costs and routes please contact the hotel reception.

For diving activities, we turn directly to industry experts who have worked with us for years. Alghero, Porto Conte and Capo Caccia are just a few of the references to indicate the landscape value of the site where the Capo Galera Diving Center is located, in the center of the protected marine area of ​​Capo Caccia. The seat is located within a majestic villa overlooking the sea; A Cressi-sub test center, a renowned Aprea boat of 14 mt. And a BWA 740 inflatable boat can propose diving suitable for both beginners and sub-experts, with the choice between the walls and the countless caves that open under the imposing cliffs of Punta Giglio and Capo Caccia. Diving within the protected marine area provides great emotions with the opportunity to observe the red coral, typical of the area, already at 5 meters in depth. The Cape Galera Diving Center is also an ESA college that offers underwater courses from the first level to an instructor and an Apnea Accademy center.

Alghero is sea, nettuno grottoes, historic center, nuraghe Palmavera and other sites, but everything would be incomplete without a visit to the wonderful hillside and shoreline. There are many fascinating routes to take in from where you can admire the Mediterranean flora and fauna, beautiful views that no postcard can ever frame. With tours that TREKKING
ALGHERO organizes will be beautiful and fascinating to follow the guides that will reveal the most hidden secrets of our flora and fauna and the fun will be assured

Excursions in quad and jeep
There are several Jeep Tours or Quad Tours to suit everyone, groups of friends, couples and families, children and young people, to discover the most beautiful views of the Northwest coast of Sardinia: from Alghero’s work to the Bay of Porto Conte, Dunes of Porto Ferro. Alghero Jepp Safari organized by SardinianDiscovery.com is definitely one of the most striking.

At Sea Kayak Sardinia we offer some of the best excursions in the Alghero area. From our base at Punta Negra Beach – An ideal location which is usually a very calm area with lots of coves and small beaches. We visit numerous isolated sandy beaches in the area for a snorkel and a swim or just chill out as we take a leisurely trip by old forts and lushly forested shores. For those who wish for a full day excursion we will venture further into the Capo Caccia Nature Reserve and the Bay of Porto Conte and Capo Caccia where we will take in the full beauty of this nature reserve and enjoy the experience of kayaking in a beautiful marine area.

It is also possible to practice free climbing in the area of ​​Capo Caccia.