Porto Conte Park

Easily accessible from the Hotel Punta Negra Alghero

The Punta Negra Hotel lies in the area of the Natural Regional Park of Porto Conte.

A region that extends from the Calich lagoon to Sardinia’s only natural lake: Baratz. The area of the lake is spread over about 5350 hectares, with 60 km of coastline, and was defined by the great naturalist Jaques Cousteau as “one of the most beautiful corners of the world”.

The centre of the Park is Villa Gioiosa, in the locality of Tramariglio, in the Bay of Porto Conte.

The park can easily be reached from the Punta Negra Hotel, which is just over 15 km away, following the State Road 127bis and continuing until you come to Tramariglio towards Capo Caccia, along the provincial road 55 where you can find a building containing the offices and services of the Park, in front of the Church, in the small village, which was once an agricultural penal colony built last century, at the end of the 1930’s.

The Park is divided into four zones of different environmental value: zone A, riserva integrale (strict reserve), zone B, riserva naturale orientata (Nature Reserve with Special Management), zone C, area di protezione (protection area) and zone D, area di promozione economica e sociale (economic and social promotion area).

A visit to the regional park is structured into tours that are organized by the governing authority, in conjunction with Sardinia’s Forest Authority, which manages the park’s environmental heritage and state-owned forest complex. There are four different tours;

A visit to Casa Gioiosa, where you can see the illustrative panels of the protected area’s environmental characteristics and the environmental centre’s educational workshops;

A visit to the state-owned forest “Le Prigionette”, following a trail through the forest that also allows you to see the different animal species living in the area ( deer, Giara horses and white donkeys );

A trekking tour to Punta Giglio, which leads into the Mediterranean scrub, up to the top, where you can see the ruins of the military posts dating back to the Second World War;

A boat trip from the Port of Alghero to the Bay of Porto Conte, with an explanation of the characteristics of the coastal environment of the protected area.