Sport Activities

A fascinating discovery of the landscape that surrounds the Hotel Punta Negra Alghero

If you like being out in the fresh air, in direct contact with nature, experiencing new adventures within a relaxing environment, then these are the activities for you.

We can offer you the opportunity of discovering an unexplored land, by means of guided sporting activities, such as horse riding and mountain biking in the countryside, or sailing, diving or going out on a pedalo, if you prefer the sea. The chance to live the experience you have always dreamed of. Take delight in exploring the fascinating area just outside the hotel. A trip to the Nature Park of Capo Caccia, even off season, will allow you to appreciate the pure beauty of the environment and history of this area of the island, and increase your awareness of the delicate balance between man and nature. We can organise diving, sailing and horse riding for you, directly with tried and tested local experts.

Horse riding
Go pony trekking through the heart of Nurra, past breathtaking view of Porto. ( da tradurre meglio: Escursioni a cavallo nel cuore della Nurra, con visite a Porto Ferro e il bellissimo Lago di Lago di Baratz.

Capo Galera Diving Center
Alghero, Porto Conte and Capo Caccia are all areas where you can enjoy a diving experience with the Capo Galera Diving Centre, located in the protected marina area of Capo Caccia. The office is located within a unique villa, perched on a cliff top, overlooking the sea. With a Cressi-sub test centre, a renowned Aprea 14-metre boat, and a BWA 740 large dinghy, the centre is fully equipped to meet all your diving needs – whether just starting out, or already an expert. The area really leaves you spoilt for choice of locations, PadiCressi-subfrom the many underwater caves below the cliffs of Punta Giglio and Capo Caccia, to the various walls. We can guarantee that diving in this beautifully Apnea Academypreserved and protected marine area will be a truly emotional experience. Where else can you see the red coral so typical of this area, at depths of just 5-metre. Capo Galera Diving Centre also includes the ESA College, which offers diving courses from absolute beginners up to instructor level, as well as an Apnea Academy (breath hold diving) centre.